Digital Disruption X

22 - 23 March, 2016

Australian Technology Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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The Digital Disruption X 2016

Disruptive Innovation ● Design Thinking ● Process Redesign ● Agility ● Innovation Hubs ● Corporate Venturing ● Data ● Technology

In his first statement after being elected Liberal leader, Australia’s next Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged Australians to embrace disruption.*

Turnbull said: “The Australia of the future has to be a nation that is agile, that is innovative, that is creative. We can’t be defensive, we can’t future-proof ourselves."

“We have to recognise that the disruption that we see driven by technology, the volatility in change is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it.”

Digital Disruption X in 2015 marked a shift in the collective consciousness of businesses. No longer was disruption a mythical buzz word concocted to stir up fear, but a general state of business reality in world governed by technology.

Disruption isn’t about technology, its about the velocity of change. As part of Digital Transformation Week, Digital Disruption X 2016 will focus on the velocity of disruption, setting up your organisation for the new state of business and how you can leverage disruption to grow. And the key to staying ahead of the curve, depends on keeping up with the pace of change. One year on, the 2nd Digital Disruption X 2016  Primary focus areas include:

  • Embedding speed to improve product and speed to market
  • Building partnerships to foster innovation
  • Creating a culture for innovation and empowering employees to be entrepreneurs

Topics being Addressed:

  • Going Back to Basics: Rethinking Value Creation
  • Data the new Gold: Leveraging Data to Build Competitiveness
  • Anticipating and Preparing for Future Disruption
  • Eliminating Siloes and Collaborating for Disruptive Innovation
  • Rethinking Existing Processes and Structures
  • Desirability, Viability and Feasibility of Innovation
  • Identifying who is Best Placed to Drive Disruptive Innovation within Your Organisation
  • Rethinking Product Design to Improve Value Creation
  • Being an Effective Digital Leader
  • Identifying Benchmarks and Measuring Success of Digital Transformation
  • Navigating Diverse and Complex Technologies and Identifying the Best fit for your Business
  • Embedding Agility to Improve Speed to Market
  • Building and Maintaining Deep Relationships with Customers, Partners and Stakeholders
  • Exploring the Scope and Impact of Machine Learning
  • Creating a collaborative and Creative Work place
  • And much more

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Luc Hennekens, Chief InformationOfficer, Qantas
  • Anastasia Cammaroto, ChiefInformation Officer, BT Financial
  • Ajay Bhatia, ChiefInformation Officer,
  • Paul Keen, Chief InformationOfficer, Dick Smith
  • Joshua McLean, Head ofDigital, Suncorp
  • Scott Horn, Director ofTechnology, Expedia
  • John McGuire, ChiefInnovation Officer, Aurecon
  • Tim Fung, Founder and CEO, Airtasker
  • Brett Barber, Chief DigitalOfficer, LGSuper
  • Ned Moorfield, Founder andManaging Director, GoCatch
  • Shawn Blackmore, GroupExecutive, Service and Advice, AustralianSuper
  • Michael Ilczynski, Managing Director, SEEKEmployment, SEEK
  • Andrew Crawford, Chief Information and Technology Officer, NSW Ambulance
  • Michelle Tucker, Head ofDigital, Sanofi
  • Nigel Dalton, ChiefInformation Officer, REA Group
  • Jenny-Lee Koksal, ChiefMarketing and Digital Officer, PrimeFinancial Group
  • Paul Wyatt, Chief DigitalOfficer, Springfield Land Corporation
  • Sue Carter, Head of Digital, Australian Associated Press
  • David Hua, Head of DigitalOperations, ABC International
  • Kate Whitney, Global DigitalDirector, Pernod Ricard Winemakers
  • And many more

*Turnbull's vision for Australia: 'Disruption is our friend'

Featured speakers:

 Penny Webb-Smart
Penny Webb-Smart
Executive Director, Service Reform
NSW Department of Finance Services and Innovation
 Aman Narain
Aman Narain
Head of digital Banking
Standard Chartered (Singapore)
 Daniel Houghton
Daniel Houghton
Lonely Planet
 The Hon
The Hon
Victor Dominello MP
NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation
 Didier Bonnet
Didier Bonnet
Senior Vice President & Global Practice Leader Digital Transformation

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