Digital Talent & Capability

Addressing the Digital Skills Gap through Talent Management, Strategic Sourcing and Learning & Development

There is a widening gap between the demand and supply of digital skills. Those organisations that don’t bridge this gap risk getting left behind by more agile and nimble competitors, like Uber in the transport industry and Commonwealth Bank in the finance industry.

As part of Digital Transformation Week, Digital Talent & Capability 2016 has been designed and launched to share best practice examples of how leading companies are combating and closing the digital talent gap by:

Identifying skill gaps within the organisation

Upskilling exisiting staff and strategically sourcing and recruiting the most required talent to meet digital demand

Aligning digital strategy to organisational goals



Draw from the experience and expertise of 20+ speakers on the most effective learning and development and talent acquisition techniques


Two international keynotes from prestigious and reputable worldwide companies


Learn how to generate and implement an efficient L&D strategy to align with your company’s digital goals


Become attractive and competitive to acquire the best talent and combat digital competitors


Learn from leading Australian companies in the digital space, including Groupon, Westpac, News Corp, Fairfax & Bupa

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