Renovating Timber Fixtures In Your Home

Timber is considered to be one of the popular materials used for fixtures and furniture by homeowners because of several reasons. One is that timber is very versatile. Timber could be paired with other materials such as glass, steel, stone, and other wood. It could be created and manufactured into practically any furniture for any part of the house. Timber works well in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, carport, patio, etc. Timber is also considerably cheaper than other types of woods but still very durable and if polished, could look more expensive and classier. Timber does not require any maintenance also and is very easy to clean.

With all these advantages, it’s not surprising that homeowners are now turning into incorporating more timbers into their households. And if you are amongst the first who used this material and wanted to reinvigorate your existing timber fixtures, here’s how.

Renovating Timber Floors

Since timber doesn’t need to be constantly maintained, restoring your timber floors into its former glory is easier than you think. At times, a dingy hardwood floor does not need to be sanded and stained for it to look new again especially if there are no visible, major impairments. Most of the time all it needs is a good, deep clean. But if after the deep clean and your timber floor’s shininess is not still to your liking, there are floor reviver/restorer kits available in the market that would give your timber floors a glossy sheen by restoring its polyurethane finish.

Renovating Timber Staircase

Constant use of things would surely dent it and even if your timber staircase is durable enough to last several years of shuffling footsteps going up and down, it would eventually show signs of deterioration. In renovating your timber staircase, give particular importance to each stair treads, the handrails, and the risers. If the steps are totally worn out, it would be advisable to contact a contractor and have the stairs inspected since it is hazardous particularly for households with children. Look for a Norwood builder to reupholster your timber staircase by sanding the risers, changing the handrails and applying a fresh coat of varnish. By doing so, you not only saved your family from sliding mishaps, but you have also extended the lifespan of your timber staircase.

Renovating Timber Window Frames

Renovating timber window frames could be a bit expensive depending on the size and condition of the window frame since services such as replacing the locks, the handles, glazing and draught proofing the frame is a lot of work. It could be more costly if the damage is so extensive that the whole window needs to be replaced altogether. But a well-maintained timber window frame could last for several years and the money spent is well worth it.

Even if timber is durable and does not require much attention and maintenance, as homeowners we should still be vigilant with regards to caring for our home and our furniture and fixtures. Preventive maintenance and touch-ups should be part of our budget and when we are doing our general cleaning.




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