Types of Printer Papers and Their Uses

There are various kinds of paper / receipt rolls used by businesses in their cash registers. These are not to be confused with toilet tissue rolls as they are very different. Although at first glance both of them look sort of similar. Paper / receipt rolls are used in everything from the cash register to credit card receipts, ATM Machines, Kiosks and other point of sale (POS) Systems. The variety of receipt rolls available have many different benefits and we are going to explore some of them very briefly:

Thermal Receipt Rolls

Thermal receipt rolls also known as audit roll is a high-quality paper that is very thin and tends to change colour when exposed to high amounts of heat. Thermal paper rolls are often used in cash registers. So, you probably have quite a few these thermal roll bills in your wallet or in your home because these are very often used by businesses. It is favoured by companies for being inexpensive and extremely lightweight.

Ply Receipt rolls

Ply receipt rolls come in two different forms, either 2-ply or 3-ply. They are designed to produce high-quality receipt prints and are known for being very clear and long-lasting. Unlike some receipts that tend to fade soon after being printed.

Bond and Carbonless Receipt rolls

Much like thermal rolls, bond receipt rolls look like plain whiter paper. Bond rolls are meant to be used with receipt printers that have ink in them, unlike thermal rolls that do not necessarily need ink. Bond paper is made in such a way that any image or number printed on it looks crisp, clean and clear. It is perfect for high-resolution receipt print outs.

Till or POS Receipt rolls

A till role is basically a roll that is contained within a POS or point-of-sale printer. Each point of sale device has a till roll. A till roll is the roll of paper on which the money paid for goods and services are separately recorded on a cash register. It is the till roll itself that comes in various types such as; thermal, carbonless, 2 ply or 3 plies. A point of sale device produces a quick computerized receipt the instant that a customer makes a purchase.  The data of the purchase is usually entered into the system by a cashier and the customer gets his or her bill on a paper roll. Receipt rolls are great because they are quick and easy to use. However, they do pose a bit of an issue when it comes to environmental protection because so many trees are cut down in order to produce the many tons of paper roll needed by companies and businesses all over the globe.

Depending on the business, the use of the type of paper roll will also change. There are several types of receipt rolls that weren’t mentioned above such as; Prescription Rx Rolls, Large Format Paper, Butcher / Food Service rolls, Ultrasound Receipt rolls, Engineering Paper, Continuous Form and so much more! So now you know the different types of receipt rolls and their main uses.




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