What You Should Do In Jakarta

I love Indonesia. I think it’s a cultural gem. Frankly, I would say it’s my favorite travel destination, which says a lot as I’ve visited over 20 countries. Unfortunately, I was only in Indonesia for 2 days. I was bound to its capital, Jakarta as I was visiting a friend from abroad. Even though the trip was so short, I had an absolutely amazing time. I’ll be travelling there again later this year.

I want to discuss with you my experience on the island nation. What I did and what I got. If you’re an aspiring traveller hoping to wish the country, or if you have a trip planned here and are looking to do what’s best, then, this article is for you. I hope you enjoy my experience.

Have You Heard About Menteng?

My personal favorite would be the district of Menteng. It truly is a vibrant place. It’s renowned for its world famous market, the Jalan Surabaya flea market. The place is energetic and is filled with colour and bantering.Various goodies are sold here from art to food. They are known for their wood carvings and tourists flock here for the meticulously crafted pieces of wooden art.

Thankfully for you, the flea market is huge, lasting up to a kilometer long. This is great as it allows you to be fully exposed to the Indonesian culture and is a tourist experience in its own right. Make sure to take your camera here.What’s more is that the market is dirt cheap. You will not believe how cheap everything is. I spent around 10 dollars here for bags full of goods.

If Instagram Is Your Goal, You Must Go Here

Jakarta is very Instagrammable, not only is it notoriously clean compared to other South East Asian cities, but It offers some great sites and monuments that would drive any Instagrammer’s heart wild. I visited the ancient Buddhist temple of Jin De Yuan. It’s red exterior felt lavish and very ruby like. It’s architecture instantly transported me to a time long forgotten, which was amazing as Jakarta is a city bustling with life.

Kota Tua is 20 minutes away from Jin De Yuan temple. Similary to Jin De yuan, it took me on a journey, but to another time. This time I was transported to Indonesia’s colonial rule as I was bombarded with scenic European architecture in the middle of South East Asia.

The Cheapness Is Unreal

You have no idea how cheap Indonesia really is. I bought so many goodies, including a new polaroid camera as well as a Samsung camera, several pieces of batik clothing, shoes and even splurged at the JBL Indonesia store.

I was bewildered by the costs, spending on so much because I knew I’d never get these prices anywhere else. Quite frankly, this is what made Indonesia so special to me- I was adorned with such picturesque beauty and culture at an incredible cost. A traveler’s dream!

Indonesia’s ready for you, but are you?




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