7 Magnificent Types of Office Desks

What is the main furniture space in your office? Without a doubt, it is the desk and of course the cabinets which are to die for. It may be amusing but there are different types of desks you could use in your workspace. Desks serve a very important purpose, it is where all essential tasks and activities are fulfilled on. However, your desk must fit in with the type of work you do.

Desks come in a variety of models, styles, and colors. So the ultimate decision relies on your office theme and appropriateness. For example, it serves no purpose to have a writing desk whilst you work is always on the laptop.

Writing Desk

It’s pretty simple and straight forward, a simple desk without extravagance. It is a simple desk that allows you to sit in a chair and do your choice of work effectively. Most desks do not come with drawers and cabinets. These desks come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. So if you want to be stylish, don’t hesitate.

Floating Desk

A floating desk is a remarkable way to keep your floor space clear and clutter-free. A floating desk is generally installed into the wall, it means it does not consume unnecessary space. It is a perfect style if you want to keep things modern and simple, yet with a touch of elegance.

Computer Desk

A computer desk gives you ample of space to layout your tech devices and cables. Most computer desks are built with a keyboard panel. There is ample space for your CPU, monitor, speaker, printer and router. 100% perfect for a person whose work revolves around technology. You can find a variety of computer desks Melbourne.

Corner Desk

In offices where space is a drawback, a corner desk can help elevate the design. The corner desk uses less space and leaves the main space for other uses. There is a myriad of designs and styles to choose from corner set-ups to large desks with storage units. If you have a window view, it would be best placed there.

Executive Desk

An executive desk generally is large and therefore takes up a lot of space. It includes drawers, surface space and lots of other storage areas. Theses desks are so large, they usually come with an executive desk chair. If you opt for a more dominating look, this would be it.

Roll-Top Desk

This desk has seen history. This desk is designed as such that the surface is hidden behind a rolled lid. When the lid is rolled back it will reveal to you the surface area and storage facilities. It is a great choice for keeping mails and other office products organized. A great choice if you want both a showpiece and a desk rolled in together.

Dual-Sided Desk

Need a wider desk to work with a partner. Well, this is it. This desk provides both exposure and privacy. It is large enough to place dual chairs to work efficiently with your partner. However, if you have spacing issues this may not be a favorable idea.

Before you purchase the desk, find out its storage and surface capacity and its size. You want your space to look functional and stylish.




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