Pros and Cons of TV Advertising

While TV advertising as a method of communication has seen a decline, mostly due to social media marketing taking its place, it would be an unfair assessment to completely take them off the game. In fact until very recently, advertising on television and television programmes were one of the most effective ways of getting one’s marketing message across to a mass market, as most people used to be constantly watching TV throughout the day. Even though this habit may have declined and caused there to be a large disadvantage in advertising on Television, there are still numerous advantages that a business could gain from using such a traditional medium.

We will now look at the pros and cons of using television advertising and integrating it in your marketing campaign.


The first drawback of using TV advertising is the costs that are associated with it. Getting your advertisement on the advertising belt is extremely difficult and can heavily cost you. The basic reason for such a cost is the large audience that the television would be able to reach. If you were to get an advertising slot in either of the peak hour belts it would cost almost as twice as much, and this is why TV advertising is extremely costly, especially if you were to compare it with social media marketing.


Another disadvantage of using TV advertising is the market to which you would be able to promote your product. In a basic sense, you would be able to reach a general large market, whom you may not even know to like your product or service. This is once again linked to costs as you would definitely be reaching so many people who wouldn’t necessarily take a liking to your product. Thus without any control of where your message arrives, you will most likely fail to really hit hard at your target market.

Brand Awareness

You would get a distinct advantage in this category if you were to be promoting a product which would be suitable for the mass market. Getting your product out there and ensuring that you create a healthy level of brand awareness would definitely help the service or product that you are trying to promote gain a lot of traction, especially if it is in the stages of being developed. Most TV commercial production Melbourne ensure that you reach the mass market without any difficulty and establish yourself as a top-end brand.


Another important aspect of television marketing is being able to establish your brand as extremely credible. When you are able to afford a television advertisement, consumers will be able to identify your business as a credible firm which offers top quality products and services. This would be extremely effective and beneficial in the long run.

Thus, in conclusion, to make a decision on whether you would want to advertise on TV or not you would have to consider the nature of the product or service that you are trying to sell before really making a move on it.




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