Tips For Completely Transforming The Garden Of Your Newly Bought House

Finding your dream house in your dream location is nothing short of a miracle these days. Keeping this in mind, many of us have to ignore certain aspects of the house which weren’t exactly as we envisioned it to be. If this is true with the garden of your newly purchased home, here’s how you can convert it to suit your liking…

Get Your Garden Professionally Redesigned

If you love the house that you’ve purchased, but really find nothing impressive about the layout of the garden, or have no particular fondness about the previous owner chosen plants in the garden, it may be a great idea to start over with a clean slate. Opt to get your garden redesigned by a professional to make this garden feel like it truly belongs to you.

Open Up The Space Or Close It Off As You Desire

If you feel your garden is too closed off, get rid of those full length fences and replace them with half fences that let in more light. In contrast, you could also feel like your new neighbors are just a little too “friendly”, or you may not be too comfortable about how open to the road your home is. In this case, put up the right fence or line of trees to give your home the amount of privacy that you need. It’s your garden, so feel free to do with it as you please.

Import Fully Grown Shrubs And Trees If You Can’t Wait Too Long

If you want your lovely dream garden, and you want it now, it’s a given that you don’t want to wait until the plants that you planted grows and matures. For this instant gratification, opt for adopting fully grown trees and already flowering shrubs; so that you cut the time you’d have to wait to make your garden look perfect. This is ideal if you want to have your garden ready for your house warming party.

Add A Clear Path Through The Garden

A clearly paved path through the garden is always a great idea to create a difference. It not only neatens up the whole area, it also makes accessing your garden much easier. This inevitably will grab the attention of your home’s visitors, and welcome them to take a tour of your garden. You can also use this “path” to separate the garden into sections.

Remove Or Replant The Trees According To Your Landscape Design

Tall trees certainly add to the charm of any garden. It’s also a great object to create memories on; whether it’s through a swing tied on to a branch of your great tree, or even a treehouse built on top of it. However, some trees just don’t work with your plans for the garden. In this case, it’s best contacting an arborist in Brisbane, and having that tree removed or replanted somewhere more convenient in your garden.

Grow Plants At Your Convenience

If your job keeps you busy all week, and you’re simply too tired to work on your garden once you get back home after work, planting plants that require a lot of attention is a bad idea. Before long, you’ll find your garden looking lifeless and neglected. The best tip for you here is to select plants that require less attention from you to bloom and flourish. Alternatively, you could also consider hiring a gardener for your home to take care of your plants…




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