Smart Things to Do That Will Make Settling into A House A Breeze

Settling into a new house can be a breeze if you’re smart about your house moving. Here are a few tips that ensure it…

Pack Less Junk So You Take Less Time Unpacking Those You’ll Throw Out

Be smart about what you’re packing. The more unnecessary items that you pack, the more time it’ll take for you to unpack in your new home, and the longer it’s going to take for you to settle into it. Throw, gift, donate or sell any item you’ve outgrown the use of. If you haven’t used something in over a year, chances are that you’ll not use it again. This is especially true for clothing.

When It Comes to Packing, Be Military Precise

Pack your packing boxes in an organized manner. Fill each box, so that you’re not transporting empty boxes for a price. Have each box labelled so you know what’s in them. Mark their destination as well; to make it easier on the movers to unload into the right rooms. If you don’t, they will have no choice but to dump everything in one room, and you’ll have to move them after.

Label All Wires of Appliances, And Have Instructions on What Goes Where

Wires are a major issue when it comes to moving nowadays. Not only are there so many, but they could also get easily damaged while moving. To ensure its safety, pack all appliance wires in a plastic air-tight box; water proof in case of an emergency. However, make sure to label each wire, and if possible, have written instruction inside the box about which wire goes where. It’s best packing the wires you’ll need for the first week (phone and laptop charger, shaving machine wire etc.) in a separate pouch in your overnight suitcase.

Be Smart About Your Choice of Removals

Your choice of removalist can make your life so much easier. Choose one that offers you the service of packing and unpacking…or at least supplies you with the necessary boxes for it. If they happen to have an end of lease cleaning service, it’s brilliant! However, make sure this is all part of the package you’re choosing, and that you’re not spending for it separately. Choose your local Seaford removalists for best results.

Take Pictures of Your Shelves Before You Take Them Down

We’ve all been there, when you have to put up a shelf, and you simply cannot remember how you used to have it arranged at your old place. This results in numerous hours of redoing the shelf until you finally remember how it used to be arranged. To avoid this unnecessary chaos, take a picture of the shelf before you remove the things from it. This makes putting it back together a breeze!

Have Your Kids or Pets Babysat For A Few Days

Kids and pets may be the life in our lives, but can be very difficult to have around you while you’re trying to get a house settled. They also tend to give movers a hard time, either getting in their way, or asking a million questions. To avoid this, consider having them cared for at a separate location; just for a few days. This, of course, depends on how young the kids are…




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