Choose the Right Sink for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right bathroom fixtures is an important part of enduring the right style as well as functionality of your bathroom. It is important that you give at least a little thought before buying a sink because your bathroom is a busy place and choosing the right materialshelps you to use the bathroom without any discomfort or hassle. Take a look at the tips below to see what are some of the modern bathroom sink types that you can consider for your bathroom.

Top-Mount Sink

These are sinks that are built on top of the bathroom counter and the rim of the sink will be shown above the counter. You can use this style with any type/ style of countertop. It is also easy to install and comes at inexpensive prices. However, these are not the best for bathrooms that are always very busy because when the water is spilled, it will wet the counter tops.

Under-Mount Sinks

These sinks are Place under the counter. They are Easy to clean because the water will never spill ono the counter. These are one of the best types of sinks to be used in a busy bathroom. Even with a lot of hassle you don’t have to worry about water spilling everywhere. One of the disadvantages of this type is that they can only be used on hard counter tops such as those made of stone.


As the name suggests, these sinks are hung from the wall. One of the biggest advantages of this type is that they can be installed at whatever the height you prefer. Most often, these sinks are installed with the plumbing placed inside the wall. This helps to bring in a minimalist and sleek look to your bathroom. But these comes without any storage space or counter tops so you will have to install those parts separately if you wish to store all your bathroom essentials.

Vessel Sink

These are bowl shapes structures that are placed to sit on top of the counter. If you are looking for a modern and uniquely styles sink, then this is one of the styles you can opt for. They come in differentshapes and can be added as a statement piece to your bathroom. You can check to find out various vessel styles. When plane your countertops with the vessel sink, you need to be careful when deciding the height of the counters or the sink can be too tall or uncomfortable to use – especially for children.

Wash planeSinks

This is another one of the modern and unique sink styles. They are small structures that are sleek and minimalist and add a modern and trendy look to the space. If you are looking for bathroom fixtures to be used in a small bathroom to save space, then this is one of the most suitable types you can consider. However, since they are very shallow, they cannot hold much water and can only be used in places where you would only have to wash your hands.

Don’t just purchase the first sink you see in a shop. Instead, take the advantages and disadvantages of each style before you make the final purchase.




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