Sleeping Essentials for New Born Babies

How to keep your little one comfortable when sleeping? The answer is, picking the right crib bedding materials. Where it is the right pillow or the blanket, you need to make sure they are comfortable for your baby, not too scratchy, not too thick to make them hot through the night but also should keep them warm. Here are some of the most essential materials you should buy for your new born baby.

Mattress Encasement

A mattress encasement covers the mattress on the crib, fully covering it. This will help to keep the mattress safe from bed bugs, dust mites, pet dander or any other dirt and allergens in the house. As a result, this will make sure that nothing interrupts your baby’s sleep and that they are well away from any risk of getting asthma. A good encasement is laboratory tested and is also waterproof so you can use it as an additional protection underneath the sheets.

A good Mattress

First and foremost, there should be a firm mattress for your baby to sleep comfortable. You should not just let your baby sleep on the same bed as yours and a crib is way safer. This means that you need to buy a good mattress for their crib and there shouldn’t be uneven surface and has lumps or bumps in the mattress you choose. This can keep your little one awake for the whole night. So make sure that you check for any lumps on the mattress before you buy it.


When putting your baby to sleep in the crib, a fitted sheet is another essential that should be there. In fact, most experts suggest that this has to be the only thing that should be coring the mattress as too many sheets and blankets can make the baby entangle in them. So when you are using the cri to put your baby to sleep, use only a good fitting sheet along with some warm and comfortable sleeping clothes.


Although a quilt is not necessarily something that should be used on the crib, in cases where your little one is not on the crib but on the ground or any other surface, a quilt is a great option. Especially when you are travelling with your baby and cannot simply take all the crib beddings around every time you take your baby out, a quilt can provide the necessary comfort the baby needs. You can use it as a rug to place on the floor for your baby, as a cot quilt cover or as a blanket.


Although you do not have to use too much bedding material on the crib, pillows do need to be in your baby sleeping essential list. However, when buying the right pillows for your baby and using them, there are few things that you need to follow.

First of all, never buy pillows that are too hard-textured even though overly soft pillows should also be avoided. If you can adjust the pillow to suit the needs of the baby, then that is also a great feature for a baby pillow. Also, when using, make sure that the pillows are not wet, well- cleaned and germ free.

The right kind of purchases can help your little one sleep sound and can also make the parents worry less about midnight tantrums and parental anxieties.




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