Should You Customize Your Office Furniture or Purchase Them Ready-Made?

When planning how your office would look like, one of the major considerations is office furniture. There are two types of office furniture, customized or ready-made. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages for both types. You just have to discern which of the pros work for you and which of the cons you could overlook.

Read them carefully and weigh your options wisely since you would be using these pieces of furniture for a long time. Invest in good pieces since having excellent office furniture contributes to you and your employees’ productivity.



The major advantage of ready-made office furniture over customized one is that it is readily available now. If you are in urgent need of office furniture, your best bet is buying ready-made ones. Even if they are mass produced, it does not necessarily mean they are of low quality. You just need to buy office furniture in Brisbane from reputable suppliers who have been selling these products for a long time.They would not last long in the business if they are selling sub-par furniture. Ready-made office furniture is also significantly cheaper.


Since they are mass produced, you could see your office furniture in other offices. This should not matter that much although it might affect your company’s image particularly if you are in the finance sector. Your clients might think your company is not that stable or you would not be suitable to manage their investments since you could not even manage your own and have to resort to buying office furniture the same as everyone. And if your company is in the creative industry, your office furniture lacking originality might not spark creativity and might also turn off customers since your company is short of personality.



You would have full creative freedom when it comes to customized office furniture. You could go as minimal or as grand as you want. With customized office furniture, you could also maximize the space that you have because the furniture could be made to work with even the tiniest space. You also need to consider the needs of your employees. If your company has a sales team, their workspaces should be customized for people on the go while your legal team would appreciate a customized workspace that focuses on privacy.


Custom made office furniture requires a lot of manpower and material resources especially if your requirement is very specific. With this, the production cost is expensive. Meeting with the supplier would also take time especially if you don’t have a clear idea yet how you want the furniture to look like or if you have difficulty explaining what you want. Resourcing the materials would also take time and when the materials are not yet ready, the manufacturing time would also double.

You must be discerning when you are decorating your office because this is an extension of your company. This is the tangible and visible representation of your company that would attract loyal customers. Keep this in mind as you go furniture shopping.




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