Career Options in The Legal Field

If the legal field interests you, you can work up to take your path in the legal field. There is a law involved in all acts we do, whether it be purchasing land or buying a property, opening up a business or mediating cases. There are many options you can choose from; the law field is one such field where the scope is wide.


As a solicitor you will be someone that uses the knowledge and skills of the field in providing legal guidance to your clients. You can either work privately or work with the local or central government or with the court.


This involves providing specialist legal advice and have direct contact with the clients which differentiates this profession from a solicitor and may represent a client at court. You will hold meetings with your client discussing the strength of the case, listen to their situation.  Investigate the witness and present the case to the court saying why they should support their side.

Chartered Legal Executive

They specialize in one area in the law field, they can work as partners in a law firm or run their own legal business. They may choose to follow their interest in either conveyancing (involved in buying or selling o property), criminal law (in defending, taking the case to the court), business law that Is related to business, litigation (involved in solving disputes), and personal injury lawyers (legal services for those who have sustained injuries physically or psychologically).


In this field you can provide legal services but you are not qualified to work as a solicitor, barrister or chartered legal executive. They work under a lawyer, or in a law firm or government agency. They mostly carry out the paperwork for divorce, bankruptcies or investigations.

Licensed Conveyancer

As a licensed conveyancer you work for the client in provide in legal services in buying and selling properties.


He is involved in controlling the trials and the hearing in the courtroom. But to become a judge you would have to work as a solicitor or barrister and then you have to be supervised by a judge.


Investigates the death for which the cause is not known, for example when the medical report is not available

Company Secretary

He is involved with the proper administration of the business by sticking to legal regulations. To work in this stream, you would have to have good analytical skill and problem-solving skills

Enter Law School

To enter law school, one must have a bachelor’s degree in any stream, this may be in mathematics or political science. With the undergraduate degree you would have to pass the law school admission test, there are 5 multiple question section and a writing exam this test evaluates your proficiency in comprehension, analysis, critical thinking, management of information, reasoning.

After finishing the undergraduate degree some may progress with the education but some may try to gain experience before entering a law school. After graduating from law school, you would have to sit for the bar exam. Once you pass this you will be working under someone before you can take the seat.




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