Everything you need to know about using ultra sound diagnoses on horses

If you are a horse owner or a vet that treats horses, it is important that you recognised the importance of using ultrasound technology to make diagnoses. Ultra sounds act as a highly valuable diagnosing technique that would make the recognition of a certain condition much accurate and easier and would increase the quality of the overall medication provided to the horses.

If you are to use equine ultrasound machines, here is what you should know:

How does the ultra sound machine work?

Ultra sounds are highly effective to be used in both humans and animals. Thus, knowing how it works would help. Basically, an ultra sound machine will be using sound waves to produce and image. This means that the entire procedure is non-invasive and they do not create any pain to the horse as well. Keep in mind that sounds that come in very high frequencies are used so that they are not heard to the human or the horse ear.

As a result, the entire procedure will be simple and pleasant. It will also not put the horse in a bad mood when getting the diagnosis made.

Why use ultra sound on your horses?

Ultra sound machines are known to be one of the best ways to make a diagnosis. There is a reason for that, as explained before, the process of using an ultra sound is simple, straightforward and will not be causing the horse any distress.

Ultra sounds are mostly used when the mares are pregnant. Ultra sounds are great at finding the pregnancy and also tracking pregnancy as well. As a result, it would be easy for the vet to keep track of the growing fetus to see if it is healthy or not.

Even if there are any abnormalities in the fetus, it can be effective detected.

It is a simple procedure

The simpler the procedure involved when getting the diagnosis of the horse made, the better the outcome will be because the horse will be calm and you will be spending less time at the vet.

To get the best of what ultra sound procedures has to offer for your entire horse care procedure, be sure that you choose a vet that has this technology used in the vet. When you do, the entire procedure will be straightforward and a lot better.

No medication will be used

When you are using an ultra sound to amok the diagnoses for your horses and mares, there is no need for the horses to be medicated. This will save you from a lot of worries and will save a lot of distress being impacted on the horse.

Talk to your vet

If you want to get a better idea on the results of the ultra sound or if you want to know about the procedure, you can always talk to the vet to get a good idea on the entire procedure and what you can expect.




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