Electric vs Gas Dirt Bikes – Which Is the Best?

Thinking of buying a dirt bike? Choosing between electric and gas options might be hard, which is why we created this article. We helped you decide which would be the best for you. Sound good?


How much are you willing to spend? Dirt bikes are more affordable than regular motorbikes, but they can still cost a pretty penny. How much you’ll have to pay depends on the type of bike you’re going to get.

Electric option is the most expensive. After all, they house intricate lithium batteries to produce power. Know that electric bikes do come in a range of prices, so if you look around, you’ll find a more affordable one. It’s just that the bike type is generally pricier.

Even though gas options are more affordable, they require more maintenance. You’ll be spending on this over time, which could result in the gas-powered units costing more in the long run.


Dirt bikes can go really fast. The speeds you’ll be able to reach depends on the CC or volts of the vehicle. Gas powered units use CC, and a beginner should pick one up that is within the 150- 250 range.

They can go much faster than their electric counterparts. This is why electric dirt bikes are best suited for beginners and kids.

Let’s talk about the power of gas bikes again – it’s incredible. If you own a regular motorbike, you might think that a 300 cc dirt bike would be easy to handle. Remember that dirt bikes are lighter than regular ones. This results in more speed reached per distance.


There is a bigger selection of the gas-powered units than electric ones. If you’re on a tight budget, this is great, as you can easily find something that won’t break bank.

As there are more gas bikes around, finding one that’ll look exactly how you’ll like would be easy too.


Both of the vehicles require regular maintenance, as being in rough and muddy terrain regularly can hinder their performance. You’re advised to wash and dry the two between rides when you get home.

However, electric bikes require less maintenance. You have to fill their counterparts’ engines, as well as check their exhaust pipes so that they’re not clogged. The only thing you’ll have to do to electric bikes is charge their batteries.

If you purchased a quality electric dirt bike, this wouldn’t be that often. The Sur-Ron X Light Bee is a superb example.

Motorcross bikes

Motorcross bikes were built for speed. They’re used in races. As they’re all about being fast, it shouldn’t surprise you that they are mostly gas powered.

As a beginner, you should stay away from them. You won’t be able to handle the speed.

Final Thoughts

What did you think about everything discussed? Depending on the type of person you are, choosing between electric and gas can be hard. The latter is the best if you’re all about speed. However, if you’re a newbie or a child, electric is the way to go. Electric bikes require less maintenance, so you’ll also be saving in the long run.




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