Roller Shutter Maintenance: A Quick Guide

Industrial roller shutters are an excellent way to defend your property, as they provide a strong and solid entrance that is nearly impenetrable to would-be burglars. You must keep up with the essential maintenance needs to guarantee that your roller shutters remain to safeguard your property for as long as feasible.

Check On a Regular Basis

The key to guaranteeing the durability of your roller shutter is to conduct frequent inspections, checking for any damages or vulnerability that could jeopardize your or anyone else’s security, or expose your property to break-ins.

Look for indicators of a forceful entry attempt, ordinary wear and tear, or emergency device malfunctions. If you’re not sure what you’re searching for or are concerned that you’ve discovered damage to your door, have it inspected by an expert.


An accumulation of dirt or debris on your roller shutter might cause it to run slowly, make jerking motions, or even prevent the door from shutting properly. Cleaning your shutters every 3 months or so will help to prevent this. Clear the air vents and tracks using a sharp bristles brush, then hose out the shutter itself. Clean any grime using a sponge and a mixture of mild soap and warm water, then clean everything dry with an absorbing cloth.

Abrasive cleansers, steel wool, scouring brushes, or scrapers should not be used on your shutters since they can harm the surface.

The Mechanisms Should Be Greased

Lubricate the rollers, link rails, and bearings with lubricant to keep the rolling mechanisms running smoothly and avoid rust. This will make the door easier to work and reduce the number of replacement parts required.

Sticky Lubricants Should Be Avoided

Silicon-based or adhesive items should be avoided because they tend to gather dust and filth. To guarantee proper frictional balance, get anti-static lubricant solutions from a home improvement store. A tiny amount should be sprayed between the rails and onto the plastic hooks at the end of each track. This should be done at least once per year, particularly if you have been using the same security roller shutters for more than ten years.

Use Caution When Operating

When utilizing a hand-operated roller shutters, take care not to slam the door shut. Allowing the door to bang into the floor can lose screws or cause mechanisms to break. If you have an electronic roller door, avoid vigorous use of the remote because any harm to the buttons could jeopardize the security of your door, necessitating the purchase of a new remote.

You also should make sure that everyone near the shutter walks around it carefully, so that people don’t fall, crash into, or hurl anything against it, causing major damage.

Fix Any Defects

If your gate is damaged, make sure it is repaired as quickly as possible. A seemingly minor flaw can deteriorate with time, jeopardizing the security of your business and posing the possibility of the door’s safety mechanism failing and seriously injuring anyone caught in its path.




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