Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Friends

In this busy life we rarely get time to spend with our friends. Hanging out with friends is always fun and is also a good stress reliever. Making time to spend some quality time with friends is important to keep the bond strong. There are many ways of doing fun activities with friends and some to list are,

Binge a TV show together

Call over your friends for a day of binge watching a tv series or to have a movie marathon. you can discuss and select the genre you like and choose a tv series or movie of that genre. You can start a new tv series or binge on something you both have already watched.

There are many sites available where you can watch movies or tv series, or if you have a platform with a paid subscription, you can use that to watch.

To make the evening fun you can bring in food. Each one of you can make a dish and bring. Or you can make a delivery to your house, you can order in food like pizza, burger or anything that you like. Prepare some popcorn or chips as well and once everything is set enjoy the rest of the evening.

Do some sport

Doing sport is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends, you can do anything you like you can go for a swim, play badminton or tennis. You can all go out to play golf too. If you are looking for golf packages Melbourne has some of the best to offer.

If you are all interested in trying something crazy and adventurous you can all go forparagliding or bungee jumping. Look up for the places online and go there.

Try something new

Learning something new is amazing, but you may have been reluctant if its only you doing it. To make things more fun and interesting all your friends and you can take some classes to learn something new this can be learning a new musical instrument, cooking or sewing.

Go for some shopping

Shopping is one great idea of spending your day together. While shopping you can chat with each other, go for ice-cream or for a meal to a restaurant and stroll the streets.

You can also shop for makeup items and do makeup on each other. Don’t worry if you are not very good at it you can watch some videos and try.


Doing good to others is a blessed thing, you along with your friends can volunteer at an orphanage or elder’s home. look up online to find the place, contact them before hand and let them know you are willing to volunteer. You can prepare meal and distribute to them. If you are planning to visit an orphanage you can buy small gifts and wrap them up to give them.

Going on a holiday

Road trips with friends are always fun, you can go to many places, take pictures and have a nice time.




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