Signs that your hosting resources aren’t enough for the website

How can you know whether your website doesn’t have enough networking resources? Let us find out!

Consistent 5XX error messages

If you made the right decision of acquiring the SSL certificate for your business website, the identifier protocol is going to be HTTPS. In HTTPS websites, there are types of error messages that signify different areas. For example, 4XX errors indicate client error responses; that’s how you end up getting the 404 error.

But if you’re consistently getting 5XX errors, it’s due to the problems with the server. To be most precise, if you’re consistently getting the service unavailable 503 error message, you need to understand the roots of this issue are typically overloading. After a certain point, the bandwidth and the RAM are going to be totally consumed, and this subjects the server to stop functioning almost entirely. If you’re sure that the server is not under maintenance, there are some easy ways to troubleshoot it. But if the resources are becoming an issue, you might need to consider upgrading.

You’re stuck with shared hosting

As you know, there are 3 major types of hosting such as dedicated, shared, and VPS. The reason why most people choose shared hosting over VPS is due to having lack of awareness of the subject. Most tech companies in Australia are unable to provide fully managed VPS services and mislead clients to believe that VPS is almost exactly similar to shared hosting except for features that do not improve hosting resources.

This is entirely false. In fact, VPS is closer to dedicated hosting given the separate allocation of resources within one server. After all, VPS stands for a virtual private server. This allows you to work in peace of mind since you know that there won’t be surprising depletion of resources as it happens by other websites in shared hosting. So, make sure you know your facts before rejecting an amazing service like VPS.

The chosen service provider is questionable

If the figures don’t seem to be tallying up with the services when it comes to any aspect of the tech industry, it’s a telltale sign of a questionable company. Hence, unless you verify it on your own, the allocated resources just might not be what they claim to be. After all, they might not know that you’re the kind of person to dig deep and catch the unfair service providers red-handed. This is why you must ensure that you only choose companies of reputation and experience.

You expanded your top-level domains

If you happened to expand your website collection to .net, .online, .store, and such, there’s a fair chance that the resources are being used up by the other websites too. But since it’s always better to own all the top-level domains of your business webpage name, you should be paying attention to upgrading the resources.


Running a business as smoothly as possible should always be your prime priority. If not, you’re going to end up losing valuable customers for businesses that face problems proactively. If you’ve been stuck with plans with insufficient resources, ensure to upgrade and focus on better customer service to move towards much better success.




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