What to Know Before Purchasing a Laser Cutting Machine

Purchasing an industrial laser cutting machine is a big investment so you need to choose wisely and take into account all of the requirements before making a decision. These laser machines can be in use for many years so you need to make an informed choice at the start. A laser cutting machine is used to deal with thick materials that are difficult to cut using other means. These machines are used in several industries such as automation, moulding industry, manufacturing of tools, jewellery industry and the medical field.

You need to research info about laser cutting before you make a decision to invest in it. There can be cheaper options such as stamping press, turret punch press and high definition plasma systems that can be used for your application. So you need to consider whether your application requires the precision and intensity of a laser machine. If you are a smaller company, you can subcontract the laser cutting work but it may be difficult to manage time as this is outside of your company. A laser cutting machine will become useful when your company is expanding. If you are spending a large amount monthly on subcontracting the laser cutting work, it is time to think about purchasing a machine for the company. You need to think about how productive you will be with the purchasing is a laser cutting machine and what additional labour costs and material costs need to be factored into the monthly expenses.

If you have lost business because of delayed laser cut parts or if you have received poor quality laser cut sections, it may be best to make the investment to improve the company image. You can look at dealers that provide used laser cutting machines and suppliers who offer brand new equipment. You need to be aware of the maintenance that is involved in keeping a laser machine. There are issues that can come up such as the machine going down. It is best to train a staff member or employ a technician who knows how to respond to these issues. You need to think about the availability of parts for your laser cutting machine model and how soon you will be able to receive these parts. Maybe purchasing from a local supplier will be a better option as they are able to respond to any issues or requests for parts quickly. 

There are different types of laser machines you can purchase. There are carbon dioxide gas lasers that have been in use for a long time. Another option is a fibre laser which is able to deliver a higher cutting speed than the CO2 laser. They are also more cost-effective when considering the cost of operation. However, the initial cost for CO2 laser is much less. They can also work with a wider variety of materials. For applications involving plastic, ceramic, wood and glass, a CO2 laser is a good option. But fibre lasers can cut through reflective material. You need to think about the application before you decide on one of the options.




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