Ways To Save Trips to The Salon

Pampering yourself to a nice massage, a good haircut and colour, a pretty manicure and pedicure is definitely needed once in a while. However, running to the salon every week or every fortnight will cost you a small fortune!

There are many ways you could save trips to the salon if you learn how to take care of yourself one the daily basis and incorporate them to your skincare and beauty care routine. That way, you can do a trip to the salon for special occasions or when you want to treat yourself to a nice pampering session and save money along the way!

A skincare routine

Adopting a good skincare regime, will definitely help with keeping your skin fresh and plump and that way you can avoid doing facials every month. Using a good make up remover, toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen depending on your skin type, and gently exfoliating your skin using chemical exfoliants can help with getting rid of black heads and white heads every week. You can even inhale steam at home and add a clay mask or a pack that can add that extra brightness you might need.

Hair and Brow Colouring

While it is always advised to visit an expert when it comes to changing hair colour, if you’re someone who’s dealing with grey hair, you can always learn how to dye the roots at home saving money and time with a trip to the salon. You can find brow kits for every shade. It is so much easier getting them coloured at home versus going to the salon. If there are special colours that you use for the hair, you can always visit a hair technician, but if it is something that you have to do weekly or bi-weekly, you should learn to do it on your own.


If you’re opposed to shaving, and if you’re used to waxing your legs and other parts of the body, you can always save money by using wax strips at home. You can always find over the counter wax strips that work without any issues, or even make your own at home sugar and honey wax and ask someone at home to help you with the waxing. However, it is advised to visit an expert when waxing private areas. You can save time and money by learning to wax your legs and arms at home, and only go to the salon for a bikini and underarm wax.

Manicures & Pedicures

Taking care of your nails at home is an easy task. If you have the necessary equipment at home, you can always give your nails a quick spa day with the scuffing, scrubbing, cuticle removing etc. constant use of hand and nail cream will help you maintain your hand and feet as well. You can do the scrub at home, and only visit the salon for maybe a gel colour or acrylic nails, thus saving money.

While it is important to spend a little on one’s self, there are also many ways you can keep up your beauty standards by maintaining a good regime at home itself!




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