What Not to Do When Choosing a Custom Home Builder

You should have an idea of the style of house you want along with the expected cost and timeline before you select a home builder. There are many custom home builders that specialise in different house styles. But finding the right contractor can take some time as you will need to research whether they satisfy all your requirements. Taking the time to carry out this research will serve you well in the long run as you will not have to deal with an incompetent contractor.

There are certain issues you will run into when selecting a home builder. The cost is one of the main considerations of selecting a home builder. You may come across certain builders that advertise their ability to build a home at a very low square feet rate. You have to beware of choosing a contractor such as this because you may not get a quality result in the end. And there can be a huge gap between what is advertised and the actual cost. Before you meet potential custom builders Melbourne for your project, go through their portfolio of previous work to see if they have constructed houses of a similar style to what you are looking for. You can then ask them about the cost incurred for the project. Make sure you ask for references of clients so that you can get an idea of whether the builder was able to stick to their agreed cost and time schedules.               

The number of references the builder can provide you with is also a marker of their experience. If they are only able to provide a few references, it signals a lack of experience or lack of transparency of their previous work. Maybe they have only done little work that can be recommended to another customer. By contacting the references, you can get an idea of the customer service of the builder, business practices, how they solve problems and quality of craftsmanship. See that they provide a list of older and newer references. This will give you an idea of the durability of homes.

Make sure you have a list of questions to ask the references. Try not to pick questions that result in yes or no answers. Open ended questions are best to get an in-depth understanding of the home builder. Some of the questions you should ask are their style of communication, cleanliness of the site, punctuality of the workers and the level of responsiveness to post-construction issues. Clear communication will resolve many of the issues between the client and the contractor. If there is a design element that the builder is not willing to do, they should be able to explain their stance and why they don’t recommend it. Ask them about some of the issues they experienced in the middle of construction and the steps taken by the home builder to resolve them. Ask about strengths and weaknesses of the builder. An important question to ask is whether they will consider the builder to create their custom home again and whether they will recommend the builder to their family and friends.





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