Essential Safety Requirements for Order Picker Training

Order pickers are used to handle materials efficiently at elevated heights and it is very important that comprehensive training is provided to prioritise safety. There are critical protocols taken in order to create a productive work environment in a warehouse setting. 

There are many unique challenges

When operating order pickers which are quite different from what you would encounter when operation a traditional forklift. This is why it is so important to establish safety requirements. And when it comes to training programmes, a lot of emphasis is given to working at heights in a safe way. To ensure this comprehensive operator training is required. Trainix LO licence ensures that the operators have a thorough understanding of both the technical aspects and safety protocols involved in using this equipment. The aspiring order pickeroperatorsshould be able to manoeuvre this equipment precisely and they will be taught the skills necessary for this including handling loads and responding to the many challenges that can arise in high level racking systems. It is very important that order picker operation is carried out in compliance with safety regulations. The operators should have a good understanding of these regulations that are specific to their speciality. Some of the guidelines they should be aware of are the load capacity limits of the order picker, fall protection and how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) properly.        


Some of the required gear

For personal protective equipment for an order picker operator are the safety harness, non-slip footwear and hard hats. They will gain more information about these in the training programmes such as how to select the right PPE, ensure right fitting and how PPE can minimise the risk of injuries. When you are working at heights, there should be fall protection measures taken. There are fall protection systems that the operators will be educated on in the training programmes. They will also be taught how to properly use the fall arrest devices and safety harnesses. The operator should have a good understanding of how to secure themselves to the platform of the order picker so that the risk of falls is minimised. These measures will contribute to a safe working environment.

Another critical aspect of order picker safety is efficient load handling.

There are proper load handling techniques that will be covered in order picker training including methods for stacking, load stability and securing of loads for transport. The operators will have to manoeuvre loads at different heights and to do this safely, they need to maintain stability. They should also be taught to be prepared for emergencies. There are emergency evacuation procedures that they should be aware of. Some of the emergencies that can take place in a high level warehouse environment are equipment malfunctions and power failures. In such a situation, the operator should have the training to lower the platform safely and evacuate the equipment. Communication is also important to ensure safety in a warehouse setting. Some of the communication protocols used in this situation will be radios and visual cues.




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