Guide to Eco-Friendly Bathroom Renovations

You can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom with a renovation. However, the environmental impact of this has to be considered as well. You can work with the renovation company to come up with eco-friendly strategies for the renovation.

Think about how water can be conserved in your bathroom design Brighton. There are water efficient fixtures that can be used to reduce water consumption. Some options you can consider are low flush and dual flush toilets. In low flush toilets, the volume of water used in one flush is less compared to the traditional options. Check for showerheads and faucets that reduce water usage and ensure high performance. You can also choose dual flush toilets so that you can choose between a high or low volume flush based on the situation. For example, a low volume flush is sufficient for liquid waste. The lighting for the bathroom design should also be considered. LED lighting or CFL bulbs are recommended as they are energy efficient. The last for a longer time compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Always try to incorporate natural lighting as much as possible.

You can expand the window or if this is not possible, you can also use skylights. This will improve the aesthetics of the bathroom as well. Also, you can automate the lighting so that lights can turn on when you enter the bathroom. Or there can be a motion activated dim light that switches on when you come into the bathroom which can be great when you are going in during the night. This way, you will not be startled by bright lights when you go to the bathroom from a dark bedroom. There are many options for flowing in the bathroom but when it comes to durability and sustainability, you can consider reclaimed wood, cork o bamboo. These are renewable materials and you can source them in a responsible manner. There are also flooring materials that are made from recycled materials such as tiles. These will be great for a wet area such as the bathroom and you can have it match your interior d├ęcor easily, choosing from a wide range of designs and colours.

Choose low or zero VOC paints and finishes.

VOCs or volatile organic compounds are found in traditional finishes and paints. These tend to release harmful chemicals into air. By choosing alternative materials, you will be able to ensure the health and safety of your indoor air as well. Ventilation is very important to the bathroom as this will keep the space dry and prevent spread of mould and mildew. You can use a high quality ventilation system so that air circulation is improved. There are energy efficient exhaust fans that operate with a timer or has sensors to detect humidity. These can help minimise unnecessary consumption of energy. There are many recycled or upcycled materials that you can use in the bathroom renovation such as using reclaimed wood for shelving. The use of salvaged materials can actually add character to the bathroom and help you create a unique space that suits your preferences.




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